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Selling Off All Our Cloth Diapers!

The smalls/ mediums are spoken for at this moment, here's what I have left:

$125 -- 10 OBV Goodmamas (7 LWI dyed by me) various colors (includes shipping in a large priority mail box).

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$30 -- 12 $15 6 prefolds (plus actual shipping) 6 OBV prefolds (shorter than regular sized). They are snappiable, because the underside is not velour. These were all LWI dyed by me, they're delicious. Best prefolds ever. 6 DSQ regular unbleached prefolds, LWI dyed by me. SOLD! 

Can include the shorties or any of the covers I have for sale if I bump up the shipping to a large flat rate box.

$50 8 L/ XL hemp fitteds (awesome for overnights or heavy wetter). Includes shipping in a large flat rate box. 6 Rollie Pollie Baby (LWI dyed by me) with aplix. 2 Mommy and Me Creations with snaps and fleece lined inserts.

6 old style large fuzzi bunz, workhorse condition (elastic close to shot, fleece may or may not be repelling, I used them as covers). One large swaddlebees pocket, good elastic FFS. ($1 each if added to another box. Does not include inserts!)

$35 -- 6 Bumkins Large AIOs. Workhorse shape (holes in cotton. Still waterproof, good elastic, pilly Velcro still works). Will include six hemp inserts the mama I bought them from made. (Shipping in med flat rate box.)

Or, add 6 more AIO/ AI2s (various brands, all sized large, mostly aplix, one with not-working aplix, the rest in working ok to good condition) to the Bumkins box PLUS 6 OC inserts (LWI dyed by me) and 2 hemp stuffins: $60. ($35 for these AIO/ AI2s and inserts by themselves in a med flat rate box).

$20 -- 4 large fitteds, various states of workhorse/ good used condition. (Includes shipping in a small flat rate box. OR add covers and size up to a medium or large flat rate box).

Add to any box:

$5 -- large Blueberry minky (blue camo) aplix cover, sold as a second due to having velour inner.

$10 -- large Sugar Peas wool (nighttime weight) cover. LWI dyed by me purple, dark magenta and greens/ blues. SOLD!

FFS -- large fleece (nighttime weight) Zoom Baby cover. Aplix is shot, needs to be replaced or maybe someone with more knowhow can clean it out. Cherry pattern on black fleece.

FFS -- 11 minky (yellow dot) "stay dry" inserts. Not quite as "stay dry" as fleece. May need stripping, I had some serious washing machine issues back when I used these. Mama made (serged, not professionally) by a friend of mine.

All diapers may be stained and or extremely worn. I highly recommend stripping these (or at least washing on hot) before use. They're clean, but between our recent hard water issues and our prior high efficiency washing machine + medium hard water issues, you're just better off stripping them.

A note about colors: I have a son that wears pink and purple. There's no florals here, tho. (Those got gifted to a friend.) I have an etsy where I sell my LWI dyed clothing/ diapers, I'm just lazy and want to sell these cheap and fast! Hence no pictures.

We used to have a dog (and even longer ago, a cat). I'm pretty sure there's no dander left over. I have never ever smoked, nor has anyone in my house!

I am REALLY open to combining lots and will give you better prices if you do.

If you want everything, I'll be your BFF and get you the absolute lowest price imaginable. Seriously, cheap. $180 plus shipping (that's Chai, a good luck number!).

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